The iron ore is the most important raw material used by the steel manufacturing enterprises all over the world. The natural iron ore will turn to be the fine concentrate that we want in the end through the processes of crushing, grinding, magnetic separating, flotation separating and gravity separating. The key beneficiation devices for the iron ore include five sets of production lines as follows: the crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment, magnetic separation equipment and flotation separation equipment.

Here we will first introduce one of the most important beneficiation equipment: the magnetic separator. When producing the magnetite from the original iron ore, we need the magnetic separator. In general, we often use the half countercurrent type cylinder magnetic separator.

Our company can provide customers with the customized magnetic separator according to different manufacturing techniques and different properties of the minerals by combining the real situation in the working field. The magnetic separators made by our company have possessed many advantages as follows:

1. Environment Protectiveness: the adoption of the dry magnetic separation technology can realize water saving and no pollution at the same time.

2. Durability: the magnetic separator only takes a little of electricity power during the operating process. There is no need of the magnetizing current, so the machine costs little operating fee.

3. High efficiency: the magnetic system adopts the open type design which makes the separator realize the high handling capacity and good purification effect.

As the ore beneficiation technology develops, the modern magnetic separator can also complete the separation of siderite, hematite and limonite etc.

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