As we all know, the superfine powder grinding technology is an essential technology in electronics, metallurgy, ceramics and other composites material powder processing. It is also one of non-metallic mineral processing technology.

When some material particles are smaller than a certain level, there will be “quantum size effect.” Its light, electricity, magnetism, heat and other physical properties and surface properties are changed dramatically. Due to the special nature of the superfine granule of ultrafine particles is known as one of the four new materials, which has great value.

We now call “ultra-fine cement” in a broad sense, the particle is truly ultra-fine particles having an average particle size of 2-5um. Ultra-fine grinding of Portland cement processing, not only can improve the strength of the cement, but also reduce the amount of cement concrete. In addition, also for slurry grouting performance for underground engineering casting and plugging leaks and so on.

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