Quartz ore is used in traditional light source, optical fiber cable and other industries, which is a more common application field. With the continuous progress of high-end semiconductor and photovoltaic markets, the demand for high-end application of quartz ore continues to expand. High end quartz ore should play an irreplaceable role in the development and progress of national strategic industry and pillar industry.

The application of quartz ore is differentiated according to different varieties of quartz ore. quartz ore mainly includes ordinary quartz sand, fine quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand, molten quartz sand and silicon powder. The general application path of products from middle and low-end to high-end is light source industry (99.5% ~ 99.99%), high-end optical devices and laser devices (more than 99.99%), to optical fiber communication, semiconductor, photovoltaic, microelectronics and other fields (99.995 ~ 99.9999%).

The whole industrial chain of quartz ore application is divided into: quartz sand → quartz material → quartz products → end market application:

1)upper reaches:Due to technical barriers and limited mineral raw materials, the output of high-purity quartz sand is very small;

2)middle reaches:Mainly quartz products and quartz glass. Quartz products include quartz rod, quartz tube, quartz ring, etc

3) In the application of terminal market, the semiconductor industry has the largest demand and rapid growth. Optical fiber and photovoltaic also have strong growth potential, which will become a new growth point for the performance of quartz products.

Quartz products are in a key position in the semiconductor process. Only the supplier products that have passed the qualification certification of semiconductor equipment manufacturers such as Amat, lamresearch and Tel are eligible to enter the other party’s supply chain procurement directory. Therefore, whether the product certification is passed or not is the core element of whether the downstream can increase large-scale volume and improve penetration.

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