If we want to make the “waste” of iron hydroxide alive, we mainly make iron hydroxide into particles, slurry and powder for application. It can be used to make pigment, medicine, water purifying agent, as well as detoxification of arsenic. Iron hydroxide is used as acid treatment agent to treat acid wastewater.


1、Iron hydroxide {Fe (OH) 3} is grinded and used to purify some impurity cations in solution in hydrometallurgy industry.


2、High purity reagent was prepared. For example, in the production of standard reagent NaCl, hydrated iron oxide is used to coprecipitate Al and Si impurities. In the production of common reagents, the pH is often controlled to hydrolyze iron (Ⅲ) ion to form hydrated iron oxide precipitation and remove impurity iron. In order to ensure sufficient reaction, iron hydroxide {Fe (OH) 3} is usually used for grinding.


3、Iron hydroxide {Fe (OH) 3} will form hydrated iron oxide after dehydration. Hydrated iron oxide can be used as pigment, which is called artificial iron red pigment. The most important one is Fe 2O 3 · H 2O, which can be used as yellow pigment. It has a very bright and pure ochre yellow color with tones ranging from lemon yellow to orange red. When the temperature is higher than 150-200 ℃, the Yellow hydrated iron oxide dehydrates and turns into red iron oxide.


4、Iron hydroxide {fe (OH) 3} is used as an antidote to arsenic, which can reduce the influence of arsenic on our lives.

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