It is reported that coal ash emissions in the past 8 years has increased by 2.5 times. This is mainly related to demand growth. It can be seen from the previous period of coal panic that mainly relies on thermal power plants to supply electricity for a wide range of areas.

The soaring soot emission requires the proper treatment urgently to reduce environmental pollution and to bring incomes for the thermal power enterprises.

First, production and processing technology of level-3 ash, commercial ash, desulfurization gypsum was introduced. Professional equipment and technology make up for the disadvantage of the geographical position.

Second, speeding up the comprehensive utilization of coal ash and learning from better experience of the comprehensive utilization of coal ash gave a momentum to explore market of level- coal ash.

Third, contractors of level-three ash, commercial ash, gypsum gypsum were introduced to participate in marketing of coal ash.

Fourth, the salespersons went out to glean market demand messages from neighbor areas so as to expand the market more easily.

Fifth, reward system was set to encourage the comprehensive utilization of coal ash, which helps motivate staff’s passion for it.

Sixth, great importance was attached to product quality, market development, customer service, greatly promoting the comprehensive utilization of coal ash.


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