What kind of grinding mill can be used to grind clay? Raymond mill, vertical roller mill and ultra-fine mill can be used for grinding. The fineness of Raymond mill can be controlled and adjusted between 80-400 mesh. Compared with the traditional grinding mill, it can increase production by more than 40% and save 30% of the unit power consumption cost. Vertical roller mill is a large-scale vertical roller mill equipment to improve production and efficiency. Its system upgrade and configuration are more scientific and reasonable. Moreover, it can grind many types of materials, grinding a wide range of fields, coal mines, non-metallic mines, metallurgy, building materials, solid waste and many other industries favor the use of grinding machine. Ultrafine mill machine is a special equipment for grinding fine powder. It is also a new generation of fine powder deep processing grinding mill equipment developed by GK according to the production and noise reduction requirements of fine powder market. The utility model has the comprehensive mechanical crushing performance of rolling, grinding, impact, etc., which can realize the high-efficiency grinding processing.

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