The bag dust collector maintain, generally pay attention to two aspects:

First, take appropriate heating measures. Strengthen the dust collector and dust removal system temperature monitoring; you can easily grasp the use of bag dust collector conditions, so as to prevent condensation.

Second, reduce the air leakage. The leakage of the gap in the body part of the dust collector should be controlled below 3.5%.

In addition, we should pay attention to the addition of raw materials stacks if it is cement product plant. In a variety of raw materials in cement production, fuel and mixed materials moisture ranging different, fixed stack to prevent rain thereby greatly reducing the water content of materials, is effective measures to reduce the material moisture.

What are the specific heating measures?

Such as equipped with far infrared electric heater, electric heater in the dust collector, or additional radiator in the bag room, etc., can be appropriate to improve the main mill flue gas temperature.

What is the point when check the air leakage?

In the dust collector system, the leakage of the process equipment such as the unloading device, the leakage of the closed ash discharge valve under the dust collector, the pipe valve connection, etc., are often neglected by the maintenance manager.

The solution of the bag bottom wearing.

The bottom of the dust collector bag wearing is divided into inner wearing and outside wearing. (1) Outside wearing is mainly due to the hopper material level is too high; airflow dust particles directly washed the bottom of the bag, causing wear and tear. Increase the ash bucket ash; adjust the dust collector ash bucket ash unloading work system, to avoid dust accumulation from too high to avoid the formation of eddy water wear dust collector bag. (2) Inner wearing is because the bottom of the bag is too small or bag is too long, bag cage can only support part of the bag. The bottom of the dust collector bag will be shaking when bag cleaning and dust collects switches, resulting in the bottom of the bag bottom wearing.

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