Low powder yield rate of Raymond roller mill will directly influence the output. Powder yield itself will influence the profits of customers’, long-term low efficiency may possibly lead to bankrupt. Why the powder yield rate will be low? How to increase the production efficiency of your Raymond roller mill?

First of all, low powder yield is related to the rotation speed of Raymond roller mill and low speed of main spindle may be one of the main reasons. Insufficient power and over loose transmitting belt or serious wearing will lead to the unstable run and lower speed of main spindle. Consequently, we should enhance the revolving function of Raymond roller mill and adjust or upgrade the belt.

Secondly, another reason that influences the rotation speed of main unit lies in the rust grinding teeth. Thus, we should exam these transmitting parts and do the lubricating and renewal work well.

Thirdly, serious wearing of quick-wear part such as grinding roller and grinding ring will influence the powder yield, which will cause the bad grinding function and low powder processing rate. In terms of this, we should replace the quick-wear part timely.

Fourthly, blocked transmitting channel of Raymond roller mill will cause abnormally powder transmitting and low powder yield rate. At this time, we should stop the working machine, dredge the raw materials in the channel and then restart the machine.

Fifthly, failure adjusting to the powder lock in the Raymond roller mill will lead to leaky joint and powder sucking. Consequently, powder lock, valve of return air duct should be in correct and perfect production condition.

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