Guikuang provides both small vertical roller grinding mill and big vertical roller grinding mill; each new and utilized vertical roller grinding mill generator. For medium natural powder pulverizing, you may choose Guikuang vertical roller grinding mill. More advanced milling mill by improving trapeziums work surface, flexible connection, move linked pressure increase, etc. Guikuang vertical roller grinding mill is also popular for grinding limestone, gypsum, barite, calcite as well as bentonite, and are popular using its higher capacity as well as lower energy usage. Typical Grinding Generators Application Industries: Guikuang grinding mills change from coarse grinding, moderate grinding to mini fine grinding. The actual materials include limestone, calcite, barite, fossil fuel, gypsum, and mica as well as bentonite powder. Listed here are typical powders manufacturing applications.
The production capacity of vertical roller grinding mill is the prime concern question for user.
Generally speaking, the production capacity refers to grinding capacity and drying capacity of vertical roller grinding mill. The material grind ability will affect the grinding capacity, the roller pressure and the type of vertical roller grinding mill. The production capacity and the pressure area of raw material are relevant to the size of roller. The raw material quantity that is grinded by roller is in direct proportion to the length of roller B, the thickness of the bed of material H and the line speed of grinding pan V. The width of roller B and the thickness of the bed of material H are directly proportional with the diameter of roller D within limits. And, the line speed V and D0.5 are directly proportional, so we can come to a conclusion a formula of grinding capacity:
G=K1D2.5 (G refers to the grinding capacity of roller mill, T/H, D refers to the diameter M, K1 is coefficient, which is relevant to the taper of roller mill, the selected and used pressure, the performance of grinded material. Different specification of roller mill the K1 is different. (The specifications of the roller mills are different, so is the K1)

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