Lubricating oil has taken an provincial part in Raymond mill’s daily running. It can mainly reduce friction, decrease wastage and lower temperature to orderly increase the production efficiency of Raymond mill.

Many problems will arise if the equipment has not been timely lubricated, for example, the rising temperature will burnout the Raymond mill and it can never work normally. However, it is not the more the lubricating oil, the better effect the machine will have. We should add appropriate and moderate lubricating oil.

When choose lubricating oil, we should choose type with good stability, supreme rust protection and anti-corrosion property. Lubricating oil with anti-corrosion property can better protect the Raymond mill when it is not working while form a layer of protective film when working. At the same time, lubricating oil can reduce wearing. Humid lubricating oil can reduce lubrication of spare parts to increase using life.

There is one point should be noted is that we should not add much too lubricating oil, an excess of lubricating oil will decrease its cleaning and anti-wearing function, which will be too greasy, leading to influence the performance and production efficiency of Raymond mill.

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