Calcium acid is a compound with a chemical formula of CaCO3. CAS number 471-34-1. It is a common substance on the earth and can be found in rocks. The main components of animal back shells and snail shells. It exists in nature with two minerals, calcite and aragonite. Calcite belongs to the trigonal system, hexagonal crystal, pure calcite is colorless and transparent, generally white, containing 56% CaO, 44% CO2, density of 2.715g/cm3, Mohs hardness of 3, and the nature is brittle. Aragonite belongs to the orthorhombic line, rhomboid crystal, gray or white, with a density of 2.94g/cm3 and a Mohs hardness of 3.5-4. The crystal size of calcite in the physical properties of limestone is very important. The dense limestone exhibits a low porosity and a fine grain crystal structure with high strength. The density of limestone is about 2.65~2.80g/cm3, the dolomitic limestone is 2.70-2.90g/cm3, and the dolomite is 2.85-2.95g/cm3. The bulk density depends on the porosity.

How much is the ultra-fine powder processing vertical mill equipment? How much is the limestone mill processing equipment? Limestone is usually used as a building material and as an industrial raw material. In the industrial industry, it can be used in plastics after processing by limestone mill. In the papermaking, rubber, coatings and inks, limestone also has a very wide application field, which is the desulfurization of power plants. Therefore, it is essential to select the appropriate limestone milling process and equipment for the application of limestone micropowder.

The limestone vertical mill mill produced by GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-of-the-art equipment developed by the European new grinding technology and concept. The machine adopts the bevel gear integral transmission and the internal thin oil lubrication system. Limestone processing and production in a wide range of applications, equipment performance is stable, easy to operate, low energy consumption; finished product granularity control, and so on, by the majority of users. As a large-scale domestic mill manufacturer, after nearly 50 years of continuous development, continuous research and development production experience, technical strength keeps pace with the times, new products are updated according to market demand, the quality of equipment produced by the company has been tested by the market and won the majority. The customer’s appreciation has won a good reputation for the market sales boom.

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