Sludge dryer is one of the common industrial dehydration and drying equipment. It is different from the dryer equipment in other configurations, and it is mainly suitable for drying the sewage sludge. The models and specifications of sludge dryers are different under different operating environments and output requirements. The following is a simple analysis of the key points for the selection of sludge dryer models.

1. Do adequate work of reconnaissance

Generally, it is suggested that users must have some understanding of their site size before purchase, such as output, site area, etc, to avoid the normal production operation affected by equipment that is too large or too small.Moreover, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the properties of various types of sludge treated, such as its shape, water content, etc., combined with these for preliminary model selection.

2. Guarantee equipment production capacity

This is the primary condition for the selection of the sludge dryer model. It must be ensured that the selected sludge dryer equipment can achieve the specified output under the conditions of drying and dehydration required.

3. Considering large-scale equipment at a proper time

First of all, large-scale equipment will be a market development trend in the future. Secondly, the application capacity of the large-scale sludge dryer is relatively strong. For some uncontrollable factors, the capacity of the large-scale sludge dryer is sufficient. It can easily ensure the initial operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that investors and users with economic strength may wish to consider large-scale drying equipment.

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