As the main equipment for mining, raymond mill equipment is mainly used for crushing stone materials of different sizes. The crusher equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact mill, double roller mill, hammer type. Equipment such as shredders and cone mills. According to the crushing operation, it is divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing according to the size of the feeding and discharging granularity. Common sand and gravel equipment include jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact mill, compound crusher, single-stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher. Machine, double roll crusher, two-in-one crusher, one-time crusher, etc.

The working principle of the pulverizer equipment is that the stone material falls directly from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating turntable; under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, another part of the flying stone that is divided by the umbrella type around the turntable generates high-speed collision and high-density pulverization, stone material. After striking each other, a vortex motion is formed between the turntable and the casing, causing multiple blows, friction, and pulverization, and straight discharge from the lower portion. A closed loop is formed multiple times, controlled by a screening device to achieve the desired particle size. In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors, a large number of raw materials and recycled waste are processed every year with a crusher. For example, in the concentrator, in order to achieve the separation of the useful minerals in the ore, it is necessary to crush the ore to the particle size required by the grinding process. It is necessary to crush the raw material with a pulverizing machine to the particle size required for the next operation. In coking plants, sinter plants, ceramics factories, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, the crushing machinery must be used to crush the raw materials to the particle size required for the next operation. In the chemical and power sectors, crushing and grinding machinery crushes and grinds raw materials, increasing the surface area of ​​materials and creating favorable conditions for shortening the chemical reaction time of materials. With the rapid development of industry and the rapid reduction of resources, the reuse of waste in the production of various departments is very important. The reprocessing of these wastes needs to be broken by crushing machinery. Therefore, crushing machinery plays an important role in many sectors.

The pulverizer wears too fast. The hardness of the material is too large. In this case, the inner cavity of the grinder should be selected. The equipment is operated at high comminution pressure for a long time, which requires periodic replacement of the lossy parts. The crushed product is not uniform. The crushed product is generally a single peak. If there are double peaks or multiple peaks, the main reason is that the crushing pressure is unstable. Solution: On the basis of the gas supply capacity of the gas source equipment can meet the required gas volume, ensure that the minimum supply pressure of the gas source is 2~3 bar higher than the working pressure. The feed rate is unstable. Solution: Check if there is any blockage at the feed valve; the material is not too sticky, the fluidity is not uniform, and the feed rate is controlled stably. A filter cake is formed in the pulverizer chamber. Solution: Suspend the crushing work, remove the filter cake in the crusher chamber and resume production. The impact of the detection method. The particle size detection result of the pulverized product does not meet the requirements. After the problem of the product in the pulverization process is eliminated, the product particle size detection result still fails to meet the required result. It can be considered whether the particle size detection method is reasonable. For example, the material is more viscous, and the material is easy to agglomerate after pulverization. If the dry detection method is obviously inappropriate, it can be considered to be detected by the wet method, and the substance is fully dispersed in the solution before being detected. The result is the most authentic test result. The effect of cyclone separation on the pulverization effect. After the pulverized material is separated by cyclone, the pressure in the cyclone is maintained at about 200 to 300 mbar. Under this pressure, the package can be directly packaged at the cyclone outlet, which is the best state of cyclone separation. If the pressure in the cyclone is too large, it means that the gas output from the discharge port of the crusher is large, which will affect the crushing effect.

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