Raymond mill is a relatively mature production line equipment in the field of mining powder milling. It can finely process hundreds of materials with Mohs hardness below level 7, such as dolomite, limestone, vermiculite, kaolinite, and pyrophyllite. Their market application value. When using Raymond mill for ultra-fine grinding, what method should be adopted to increase the output of Raymond mill when the output is low?


1. Reasonably Choose The Main Engine Speed And Improve The Main Engine Grinding Force


Considering the carrying capacity of the main engine motor, it is a factor to improve the production efficiency of the pendulum mill. Increase the running energy of the mill, adjust the belt or replace it with a new one.


2. Reasonably Adjust The Air Pressure And Air Volume Of The Blower


There are huge differences in the physical properties and chemical composition of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, such as graphite, gypsum and other low-density minerals. When adjusting wind pressure and air volume, relatively dense minerals (such as barite, iron) The ore, etc.) should be small and adjusted appropriately.


3. Reasonable Design Of Shovel Device And Selection Of Wear-resistant Materials For Grinding Roller And Grinding Ring


Shovel blades, grinding rollers, grinding rings and other main abrasive wearing parts are severely worn, which will affect the powder extraction rate. Wear parts with high wear resistance materials, such as high chromium cast iron, should be selected. The shovel cannot shovel the material, and the grinding ring of the grinding roller is seriously worn and cannot provide a good grinding effect, resulting in a low powder processing rate. The wearing parts should be replaced in time after they are worn.


4. Good Equipment Lubrication Work


Another reason that affects the speed of the main machine of the mill may be due to the dullness of the grinding teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to check the transmission parts such as the grinding teeth from time to time to prepare for new lubrication.


5. Dredge The Pipeline And Seal It Well


The conveying duct of the mill is blocked, which will cause the powder to be unable to be transported normally, which will cause the problem of low powder output or even no powder. It is necessary to stop the machine to dredge the material in the pipeline during processing, and restart the feeding.


6. Pay Attention To The Humidity, Viscosity, Hardness, Etc. Of The Material


The performance of the equipment itself is the main factor that determines the production efficiency, but the properties of the material, such as powder humidity, viscosity, hardness, and particle size requirements, will also affect the powder extraction rate. Refer to the specifications and operating instructions of the equipment, and run under the corresponding requirements to achieve the best production effect.

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