After the gold concentrate is selected, a large amount of gold tailings are left. This kind of waste is not really without application value. The high gold content part of gold tailings can be extracted again. In addition to gold and silver, the valuable elements can also be recovered by tailings re concentration according to the properties of tailings. Tailings as a better filling material and reclamation is also an effective way to treat gold tailings.


At the same time, the content of metal minerals in the gold deposit is rare, and the gangue minerals are relatively pure. Metal tailings can be directly used as important non-metallic raw materials or building materials, such as brick making, glass ceramics, aerated concrete, silicate mud, etc. Therefore, deep processing of tailings can produce materials, composites and glass products with various functions.


In the practical application of gold mine tailings treatment in concentrator, the suitable treatment and comprehensive utilization method of gold mine tailings are determined by considering the properties, scale and return on investment of gold mine tailings, and the reasonable gold mine tailings treatment equipment is customized.

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