High press ball machine consists of three components: feeding part, transmission part and molding part, it is mainly used to deal with mineral tailings, to shape powder materials which are difficult to mould. The machine has obvious and extraordinary effects on soft materials, such as coke, iron oxide, slime and so on.

In the past, powders have mostly been abandoned, or taken for other uses, which causes great waste of resources. As resources and energy are becoming increasingly deficient, powder use is more paid attention to. The related institutions through scientific research solved this problem, that is, they used high pressure ball press machine to press kiln powders into various balls. Materials shaped by high press ball machine, have good economic and social benefits as they are energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and easy to transport, and that it improves the utilization rate of tailings.

What should you users pay attention to when operating high press ball machine, we would like to offer you some tips that we have summarized from our experience, hopefully, These tips would help you better use and maintain your machine. They are as follows.

1. Iron, stone and other hard objects should not be thrown into the machine, which can avoid machine damage.

2. The granularity of the material should be below 3 mm, otherwise it will affect the shaping and reduce the service life of the machine.

3. Non-technicians should not dismantle or adjust the device.

4. Technicians should regularly maintain the machine and see whether the speed reducer and bearing base are lack of oil.

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