Montmorillonite is a natural aluminosilicate, mainly exist in bentonite, non-toxic, it can be obtained by purification. In recent years, research and development as people gradually increase the intensity of montmorillonite, industrial smectite purity has exceeded 95%, montmorillonite gradually have an enormous impact on human activities in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other high-tech applications areas.

The main application of montmorillonite

Under the background of rapid technological development, montmorillonite applications gradually expand, and beloved for its good performance.

1. Cosmetic montmorillonite: montmorillonite products in the cosmetics commonly known as white clay, green clay, white bentonite, and other Chinese soil when applied, can effectively remove the skin texture and adsorption of residual makeup, dirt, impurities and excess oil and adsorption excess oil, exfoliation, accelerating the shedding of dead cells, convergence is too rough pores, reduce melanin cells and improve skin tone. It can be commonly used in the production of inorganic gel, mask powder, the powder-containing emulsion, cream of the base material, sought and welcomed by female.

2. High white montmorillonite: high white montmorillonite with high brightness, high brightness, high purity characteristics, its whiteness degree at least over 80, popular in ceramics, paper paint filler, modified starch. Applications in the field of ceramics can enhance the stability and plasticity of ceramics, is commonly used as plasticizers and thickeners. Applications in the field of paints, is very good pigments fillers, with good pigment suspension and film reinforcing effect. At the same time, also be used as multi-purpose white mineral filler, widely used in papermaking industry.

3. Pharmaceutical montmorillonite: montmorillonite medicinal value is very high, can absorb a variety of pathogens that can slow down the rate of intestinal cell transformation, promote the absorption of intestinal cell function, or drug sorbents, carriers, sustained-release agent (such as a controlled release fluorouracil) binder pills and ointments and ointment base. Thus, the addition of montmorillonite in Chinese and Western medicine can significantly increase the stability of the drug.

(Ii) Grinding mill’s role in montmorillonite

As non-metallic mineral milling equipment, grinding mill has very significant features. Many enterprises in the purchase of montmorillonite mill, usually as an ordinary mill, not only the capacity and fineness greatly reduced, and the technology is still bottlenecks after long-term operations and maintenance, eventually to delay the construction, lead to disastrous ending. Therefore, enterprises in the purchase of montmorillonite mill, need to go through several market research, and only to face the fact that certification and word of mouth reputation in the market then to buy a truly stable, reliable performance, quality assurance products.

Guikuang, specializing in the production of various types of grinding mill, ultrafine mill, vertical mill, slag vertical mill, other equipment. Guikuang can seize the development of the industry message, capture market information, to respond national call of energy conservation and environmental protection, and gradually developed a variety suitable non-metallic mineral grinding mill for environmental protection .

Guikuang Sheng series production of the new Raymond –GK vertical pendulum Mill, covering a number of patented technology for the processing of montmorillonite grinding, can produce high-quality, uniform particle morphology, standard quality powder. The mill mainly consist of main frame, classifier, blower, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage hopper, piping systems, cabinet and other components, a number of technology covered by the patent, effectively increasing the mill’s high capacity and efficiency, energy saving characteristics, the new Raymond capacity increase of more than 40%, the unit power consumption cost savings of more than 30%. For the purposes of other non-metallic mineral and montmorillonite, is a truly energy efficient mill equipment.

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