Heavy calcium carbonate is referred to as heavy calcium powder, then a mineral processing plant has concluded nine industry application of heavy calcium powder, the specific use is as follows: usually used as filler, also widely used in man-made floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, ink, cable, building supplies, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industry. To increase the volume of products and reduce production costs when used as fillers. Can increase the volume and improve the processing of rubber, playing a semi-reinforcing or reinforcing role, and can adjust the hardness of rubber.

Guangkuang Automatic Production Line for Hydrated Lime Powder

One set of production ine can produce two types of product. It make full use of the functions of each

device to improve the cost performance. The layout of each device is compact and reasonable, with

less floor space and saving inves.


GKQG Hydrated Lime Grinding Mill

1 A dual-purpose machine(ie, hydrated lime powder, calcium ash powder can be produced) Product fineness

( mesh)can be regulated arbitrarily

2. The capacity for one set can produce 8-15 ton per hour( different capacity for different model

3.It consumps less powder. One ton costs 13-16 kw-h It save 50% power consumption compared with other

hydrated lime grinding mill.( one tone can save energy charge RMB15-18.)

4. It is the one of primarary equipment for annual output of 20, 000 tons of calcium hydrated lime powder

processing enterprises


GKXF Dedicated Seperator of Hydrated Lime Powder

GKXF seperator is dedicated selecting machine for hydrated lime powder by adopting a number of patented


for powder machinery with reference to the main structural principles of domestic powder sorting machines and

elated equipment in Italy and also combined with the requirements of the”Industry Standards “for hydrated

lime powder.


Working Principle

1. Raw materials enter the separator inlet through the conveying machinery.

2. The incoming material is dispersed by the airflow to achieve the first-stage slag powder separation under the action of gravity

3. The material enters the inner chamber( chamber) of the classifier by wind pushing and closed-circuit flow diversion. in the rotation of the classifying rotor, it makes the material produce” centrifugal force. The coarse powder slag is separated, By adjusting the rotation speed of the rotor, the fineness of the finished powder(mesh 0 number)can be arbitraril adjusted. The fine powder is collected into the finished product silo through a special”powder collecting device”. Crude powder slag(coarse particulate material)is discharged from the body through a diversion tank

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