Utility of building gypsum

Building gypsum was widely used in construction industry in the world. Recently, with the development of processing technology, building gypsum has already become an irreplacable building material in modern construction and upholster industry
Building gypsum can be used in making:

1.Gypsum board

2.Gypsum putty

3.Gypsum line




Gypsum Production line Processing

















Calcinations Equipment- Key Part

The rotary kiln is the main equipment in the production line, which is a rotating shell with a particular inclination. The gypsum is fed into the kiln and finished the whole dehydration process with the hot gas generated by the burner.

Our company’s rotary kiln use heavy oil and petroleum coke as the fuel. The burner (NU-WAY) is made in UK, which the automatic ignition and secondary air supply units is applied. The temperature inside the kiln can be controlled by PID unit, the control error is ±1℃

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