Ore Raymond mill, also called ore raymond grinding mill/ ore raymond grinding machine, is suitable for all kinds of ore powder preparation and pulverized coal preparation, such as ore, gypsum mine, coal and other materials powder processing cement plant equipments.
Gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine apperance looks like a erect steel container.gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine has air intake and air outlet and there is feed inlet in the middle part. There is electrical machine in the bottom of gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine and this electrical machine can drive internal grinding stick and millstone rotating so that the materials can be crushed or ground. Through the wind that come from air intake, the finished materials are blowed on. In thegypsum ore Raymond grinding machine, there is separator in the upper parts. The separator can separate the thick powder and fine powder. Then through the wind that comes from the air outlet, the powder comes out of thegypsum ore Raymond grinding machine.

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