As follows:
1: the gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine does not make powder out, or the powder amount is less, or low yield.
(1)The powder lock is not adjusted into a good condition and the seal imprecision, causing powder pour absorpt into cement plant equipment;
(2) Shovel knife is seriously worn and the materials can be fully ground.
(1) checking and adjusting the powder lock, the air leakage place should be sealed up.
(2) Replacing new shovel knife.
2: Finished product powder ofgypsum ore Raymond grinding machine is too thick or too thin:
(1) The blades ofgypsum ore Raymond grinding machine are seriously worn and cannot afford grading role.
(2) Fan delivery is not suitable.
(1) changing the blades, turning down the draught fan.
(2)If the powder is too fine, improve the fan delivery.
3: the electric current ingypsum ore Raymond grinding machine main engine is rising, machine temperature is rising by the heated circulating air, machine temperature is rising,fan current is declining, jaw crusher.
(1)The feeding material is excessive, air channel is blocked by powder, pipe exhaust not free, cycle airstream fever that Lord of the current, high temperature of the machine, fan current decline jaw grinder.
(1) Reducing charging rate, clearing accumulated powder in air channel.
(2) Opening valves of the air hoses, the fed materials temperature should be controlled to under 6℃.
4: main engine will produce large noise and there is large vibration.
(1)The feeding material is less, shovel knife is seriously worn, anchor bolt is looseness. Vibration feeder.
(2) the materials are hard and have large impact, or there is the materials layer without materials.
(3) Grinding roll and grinding ring are not rounded are serious deformation. mobile crusher.
(1) Adjusting the amount of feeding materials in gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine and replace new shovel knife.
(2) Replacing the feeding grain size.
(3) Replacing the grinding rod and grinding ring.
5: draught fan vibrating.
(1)there is accumulated powder on the fan blades or the blades are seriously worn.
(2) anchor bolt is looseness.
(1) Clearing accumulated powder on the fan blades, or replacing the fan blades.
(2) Tightening the anchor bolts.
6: the temperatures of the transmission device and analytical engine and the fuel tank are rising.
(1)Engine oil has high viscosity and the oil layer is thick, the screw pump oil can not be added on the upper bearings so the bearings are lack of oils.
(1) Checking the oil grades and viscosity to see whether the oil meet the requirements.
(2) Checking the running direction of analysis machine.
7: the powder comes into the grinding rod, the bearings are broken.
(1)The oil is not enough, or the seal ring is broken.
(2) Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning
(1) According to the stipulated time, the oil should be added timely.
(2) Regular cleaning, replace the oil seal of gypsum ore Raymond grinding machine .

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