Gypsum and other waste of fly ash production line new products have a good market prospects and big profit margins. Guikuang provides fly ash production line with energy saving, environmental protection, high yield and easy maintenance and other advantages.

(A) Red mud

Red mud concentrate deep reduction re-election technology, red mud preparation of roadbed consolidation material, the development of red mud as the main raw material of foam glass, circulating fluidized bed desulfurization agent, environmental rehabilitation materials, chemical bonding ceramics (CBC) composite materials and other products.

(B) Smelting slag

Focusing on researching and development of special micro-expansion cementing and filling materials, various valuable components such as integrated recycling technology.

(3) By-product gypsum

Breakthroughs in low-energy phosphogypsum production of potassium sulfate by-product such as ammonium chloride technology and the use of by-product gypsum improved soil, gypsum on-line monitoring technology; promote phosphogypsum, insoluble potassium shale acid production of calcium and magnesium fertilizer technology.

(D) Fly ash

Fly ash separation and utilization systematic technology, fly ash extraction of alumina and high value-added element technology, fly ash production of fiber pulp, fly ash preparation of ultra-fine fibers technology; research and development of fly ash extraction Fe2O3, Carbon particles and other valuable components technology, breaking the high-alumina fly ash smelting silicon aluminum alloy, fly ash preparation of environmentally friendly materials, high-volume fly ash concrete pavement material technology and other technologies.

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