On October 28, 2022, the “Grinding Conference of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association 2021-2022”, sponsored by the China Heavy Machinery Industry Crusher Grinding Association, and co-organized by Chuankuang Group and Guikuang Machinery , were held in Guilin. Directors and member units from all over the country attended the conference. During the conference, the council made a work report, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around industry hotspots, industry pain points, technology status, and development trends.

At the conference, Xiao Wenhui, assistant of the chairman of Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., as one of the council and co-organizers, said that the current international situation is extremely unstable, the domestic and foreign economies are facing severe situations, the industry is facing many challenges, and enterprises are in predicament development, innovation, and look for opportunities.
Guilin Mining Machinery has been producing grinding mill for 50 years, with a long history, cultural heritage, development and innovation. Generations of Guikuang Machinery people have overcome difficulties, forged ahead, and dreamed of youth.40 years in the state-owned enterprise, from the production of the first mill to the birth of the R-type pendulum mill standard. Guikuang Machinery witnessed the germination, development and progress of the milling industry. During the nearly 10 years of restructuring, Guikuang Machinery has won the first batch of manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises and specializing in new champion units. Guilin Machinery continues to innovate and improve the breadth and speed of the development of the grinding mill.

In the afternoon, the participants came to Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. for a visit.In the workshop, the participants experienced the diversified and humanized design of Guilin Machinery products at close range. They expressed their admiration for the mature technology of Guilin Machinery, and spoke highly of the achievements in promoting the development of pendulum mill technology. General Manager Zhou Baodi said that in the ten years of development and restructuring of the Guilin Machinery, has made continuous innovations and breakthroughs.Our main products are vertical mills, raymond mills, calcium hydroxide production lines, etc..In the future,we will focus on technological product innovation and provide high-quality pre-sales technology , excellent service and other core strategies.


Finally, all the guests of this conference were entertained by Guilin Machinery. Chairman Xiao Shouchang delivered a speech at the dinner. He said that the “Grinding Conference of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association 2021-2022” was successfully held, which will help all units to continuously expand new cooperation models and create more opportunities for cooperation, together to build a dynamic and excellent environment. In the future, Guilin Machinery will continue to actively participate in industry activities with a high sense of industry responsibility, never forget its original intention, create more grinding equipment that satisfies customers, and contribute to the development of the grinding industry. At the same time, we will develop more and better products, provide more considerate services, welcome guests from all over the world, and seek common cooperation and development to create a better tomorrow.

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