Porcelain stone, is mica stone from a chemical point of view,, the main ingredient is silicate minerals, also contains quartz, sericite, feldspar, aluminum oxide and other ingredients, is a ceramic stone, dense in block, can be grind into clay by grinding machine, mainly be used in the manufacture of ceramics and glass.

1. Ceramic areas: quality of porcelain stone powder after grinded by porcelain stone mill is good, product fineness is uniform, particle morphology is good, and better in purity and whiteness, there is a higher alkali metal compounds. Therefore, the porcelain powder has good fluxing ability and emulsion ability, porcelain made out of it is very beautiful and pretty;

2. Glass Manufacturing Industry: Porcelain stone powder can completely replace the alumina or aluminum hydroxide and feldspar, soda ash reduction of about 3%, lower material costs about 5%. Increase the discharge rate of the furnace plant more than 10% and total iron content in glass can reduce more than 30%.

Porcelain stone grinding and processing can used ultra-fine mill for its grinding equipment, Guikuang professional in manufacturing ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, slag vertical mill and other mill machine, with many years of experience in the powder making field, has extensive industry insight and acumen, to keep abreast of market and industry development trends, research and develop the most suitable grinding equipment for powder area’s development.

GK ultrafine mill manufactured by Guikuang with a comprehensive mechanical properties of roll grinding, milling, impact, etc., widely used in ultrafine grinding of talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon and various non-metallic minerals with Mohr’s hardness under 7, and moisture within 6%. GK ultrafine mill is a truly efficient, energy saving ultrafine grinding equipment especially for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.

GK ultrafine mill mainly consist of main frame, feeder, classifier, blower, pipe devices, hopper, electronic control systems, collection systems, etc., in porcelain stone and other non-metallic materials grinding areas has obvious characteristics and advantages:

1. Crusher capability of the mill is double than similar device, has the advantages of high fineness, high yield, low energy consumption, low investment cost;

2. The device system is perfect; two steps of ultrafine grinding and ultrafine classifying can be done at the same time.

3. The product fineness can be adjusted freely between 400-2500 mesh, different fineness of productions can perfectly meet market demand, effectively improve the market competitiveness;

4. Environmental production: equipment is small noise during running, high efficiency dust catcher, no dust pollution;

5. The device is easy to install, large-scale construction work is not required, and equipment can be put into production after installed;

6. The equipment is running smoothly with reliable performance, and can continuous produce under normal conditions, high product fineness and classify accuracy, good product quality;

7. Low wear consumption: wearing parts was made of special wear-resistant material, preferably extending the service life of the mill.

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