Currently, the world is very rich in graphite reserves reach to 150 million tons, the annual extraction of 1.30 million tons. China is a long history country rich in graphite deposits, ink ore reserves accounted for 75% of the world’s total reserves, which crystalline graphite reserves 52.8 million tons, aphanitic graphite reserves of 23.71 million tons, abundant graphite reserves resources accumulated a solid foundation for the development and application of graphite, has also been widely expanded in the field of applications.

Excellent characteristics of graphite, making it widely used in the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics and other industries. Graphite can be used as refractory materials, such as refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powder, mold core and high-temperature materials; Mixture which mixed with other impurities can be used for steelmaking; Can be used as an electrode, brushes, carbon rod, carbon tube in electrical industry; At the same time, graphite also widely applied in atomic energy industry, national defense industry and other fields. The reason why graphite has such a wide range of uses is closely related with its performance advantages. Graphite regard as the softest mineral, with high-strength acid resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, the specific features are:

1. superior high temperature resistance: melting point of graphite is 3850 ± 50 ℃, boiling point is 4250 ℃. Weight loss is very small; the thermal expansion coefficient is small as well even after burning by ultra-high temperature electric arc. Graphite strength strengthen with the increases of temperature, the graphite strength doubled at 2000 ℃.

2, graphite products own good thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance. Graphite can withstand the dramatic changes in temperature without damage at room temperature. Little change in the volume of graphite will occur but without crack when the temperature jump.

3, graphite products is chemical stable and resistance to erosion. Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, erosion resistance to any strong acid, alkali and organic solvent.

4, Graphite products is environmental and health, non-radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance. After at least a dozen of day and night of the graphite process under a high temperature environment about 2000-3300℃ can carbon become graphite. Therefore, hazardous substances in graphite is far away released, is very stable at least less than 2000℃.

5, Graphite products are good at adsorption. Void structure makes carbon has a good adsorption; Carbon it is often used as adsorbent material for adsorbing moisture, odor, and other toxic substances.

Graphite Mill is professional milling equipment manufactured by Guikuang. Its technology is updated and improved based on the R-serial milling machine, the technical indicators has greatly improved comparing with R-serial machine, not only the capacity was up for 30% -40% than traditional R-serial Raymond mill, but also the unit cost of power consumption is lower more than 30%, truly a high efficiency and energy saving, economic and environmentally friendly mill product.

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