Recently, Guikuang launched a new product – the GK Series Pendulum Grinding Mill which is developed based on over 47 years of product experience with a number of patented technology.

Compared with the traditional pendulum mill, the new structural model and the patented GK Series Pendulum Technology Application make equipment operation and maintenance costs lower. It can crusher minerals with a Mohs hardness less than 6 。

The GK Series Pendulum Mill has the following advantages:

1. Optimized shock-absorption design for the main unit, reduce vibration 
when the mill running.
2, Optimized design for the main unit structure, improve overall strength 
and rigidity.
3. Innovative design of the”maintenance-free device” for grinding roller 
assembly, Refill grease every 30 days.
4, Optimize inside design of main unit keep the roller and grinding ring abutting contact during running, improve grinding efficiency and operational 
reliability and reduce the high failure rate of vertical pendulum grinding mill.
5. Equipped with water cooling structure for reducer of main unit. Reducer adopts German technology.
6. Automatic control for air blower valve, reduce operating labor intensity.
7. Integral installation for air blower; water cooling system ensures running 
8. Running more smoothly, High capacity, low noise, energy saving.
9. Intelligent control. The one button start and stop system and fault alarm system reduce operating personnel.

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