Calcium carbonate powder has a considerable application prospect in many industrial fields. Professional grinding mill is applied to grind calcium carbonate powder. The equipment of the Ground Calcium Carbonate(GCC) Grinding Mill can promote Calcium carbonate grinding project to create value and realize large-scale grinding mill. Guikuang manufactures specialized Vertical Grinding Mills to reduce the energy consumption for Calcium carbonate grinding project, and increase the capacity and create value based on customer’s need.

Vertical Grinding Mill is a commonly used large-scale grinding mill. The application of Vertical Grinding Mill can increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption, which is very helpful for Calcium carbonate grinding project to create value. The Vertical Grinding Mill is a professional grinding equipment that manufactured by Guikuang, which is the integration of drying, grinding, classifying and conveying, with the features of high productivity, low energy consumption, energy saving and noise reduction. Moreover, it has scientific working principle, stable performance and high cost performance, which creates high value for Calcium carbonate grinding project.

In order to break through the drawbacks of the traditional mills and to achieve high-efficiency grinding and processing, Guikuang has been devoting himself to manufacture specialized grinding equipment for the grinding project from the perspective of the market. The Vertical Grinding Mill is a kind of grinding equipment that can push the grinding filed to promote productivity and efficiency. It is widely applied to coal, cement, slag, lime powder for power plant desulfurization, non-metallic minerals and other fields of milling. It has strong adaptability to high moisture, dry materials, hard or easy to grind materials. With a very widely application among the grinding fields and abundant types of grinding as the non-metallic mineral scale milling equipment.

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