GK Raymond Mill is mainly used for marble, limestone and calcite with a Mohs hardness of no more than 7 grades and more than 280 kinds of materials in mining and chemical milling. The fineness of the finished product can be arbitrarily adjusted below 400 mesh, from granular to processed into The powder is formed at one time, and the uniformity is fine, the sieving rate is relatively high, the service life of the wear parts of the equipment is relatively long, the GK Raymond mill has simple maintenance, low working dust, small equipment area, strong set, and low user investment. High return on production.
In general, the important parts of GK Raymond mill equipment are made of high-quality high-performance wear-resistant materials, which greatly reduces the equipment failure rate, increases production efficiency, and extends the equipment life, while the equipment has a stable operation , High output, making customers more satisfied.

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