What is the application of mineral processing in ore extraction? Mineral processing means crushing, milling, beneficiation and so on, which is in order to separate mineral and gangue with each other maximum, and then get high grade concentrate. The main object of full mineral processing equipment is natural ore, and secondary resource such as tailings, surrounding rock, industrial and subsistent wastes.

The purpose of full mineral processing machine is to remove gangue and harmful element in the mineral, enrichment or separate different valuable mineral by each other, get one or several concentrate product.

Generally, primary ore can’t be used as metal or product directly, they should be processing by whole mineral beneficiation equipment, such as raw iron ore grade. So mineral processing is very important role during mineral resources rational utilization and development of national economy.

Method of full mineral processing mainly divides into two types, physical and chemical. Physical method contains magnetic process, gravity concentration and so on. Chemical method contains flotation, roasting method, lixiviation process, etc.

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