1. From the applicable point of view of the mill, the vertical mill mill can be used for abrasive processing requirements: Mohs hardness is not greater than 7 grades, humidity is below 6% of various non-flammable and explosive ore materials, so grinding Milling of limestone materials with a hardness of about 3 is certainly possible;

2. In terms of the fineness of the output powder, the fineness of the finished product after grinding by the vertical mill is more than 80-400 mesh, and even if the conditions permit, some materials can reach 800. The purpose is that it can be directly used in the industry without further processing, so the vertical mill mill grinds into 200 mesh limestone, which is technically no problem.

3. In terms of investment budget, unlike other milling equipment, the vertical mill mill has a compact structure and a complete set of components. It can be self-contained into a production system, thus reducing investment costs, so compared to other milling powders. Equipment, the use of vertical mill mill to grind limestone materials is suitable.

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