For vertical mills, high temperature failures are inevitable. The following is an emergency treatment method for vertical roller mill high temperature failure.

First of all, “opening the pot” is one of the common high-temperature faults in construction machinery. When the water temperature is too high, you should not rush to open the water radiator cover to dissipate heat. This will easily cause the hot water to squirt and injure people. When the operator finds that the engine of the vertical mill is “opening”, stop the operation immediately, do not turn off the flame, let the engine idle, and open the blinds all the way to increase the air flow, so that the water temperature slowly drops under the action of the cooling fan and Releases a large amount of air bubbles generated by the cooling system. When the engine is idling for a few minutes, the water temperature drops and it is no longer boiling, wrap the water radiator cover with a towel or a veil, carefully unscrew a part of the water radiator cover, release the water vapor, and make sure that the water vapor is released from the water radiator. After that, unscrew the water radiator cover all the way. During the process of unscrewing the water radiator cover, remember that the arm should not be exposed, and keep the face away from the water inlet to prevent the hot water from squirting and scalding the face.

If the engine has been turned off, start the engine quickly and make it idle; if the engine can not be restarted after the flameout, close the throttle and shake the crankshaft with the hand crank; if there is no hand crank, the starter can be used intermittently to make the piston Reciprocating up and down a few times, the heat in the cylinder is dissipated by the ventilation of the inhalation and exhaust.

Secondly, when adding the coolant to the vertical mill, add the same type of coolant as the water radiator. Do not add tap water at will, unless it is urgent. When adding cooling water to the water radiator, be sure to wait until the water temperature drops to about 70 °C. The “gradual water injection method” should be adopted to gradually cool down, but not too much water can be added too quickly, that is, while the water is being added, the engine is idling, and the tank is slowly filled with long water to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. In addition, when the brake or other parts are overheated, it is not allowed to cool down with water, which will reduce its life and performance, causing deformation or even cracking of the parts, so it must be shut down to allow it to cool naturally.

The above is the emergency treatment method when the vertical mill is in high temperature failure, and it is hoped that it can be helpful to the user.

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