Aggregate crushing line can help stones change to fine materials from big rocks. Now let me introduce the main equipment in the aggregate production line.

Firstly, vibrating feeder is beginning of aggregate crushing line. It can put materials into this production line continuously, which is a guarantee of regular running and high efficiency.

Secondly, jaw crusher is often primary crusher in aggregate crushing line. Jaw crusher is key product and it can’t process crush big stone whose diameter is dozens centimeters even one meter.

Thirdly, impact crusher is also good choice for stones with low hardness such as limestone. The efficiency is high and finished products are well-distributed, and the price is also reasonable. But if you need crush hard stones such as granite, basalt, the cone crusher is necessary to select.

Fourthly, vibrating screen is equipment used to screen qualified products out, and unqualified stones will be sent to cone previous crusher for reprocessing.

Besides, if you want to clean aggregate, the sand washing machine is also important choice. Then it will help you get clean finished products.

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