Impact crusher is widely used in mining industry because of its simple structure, easy to operate, fine particle size and low price. Likewise, there are also some operating rules in impact crusher that operators should follow. In this article, we introduce some efficient operating rules of impact crusher need to be followed.


Operating Rules Of Impact Crusher

We mainly introduce the operating rules from three aspects: preparations before starting the machine, rules in operation, and attentions.


Preparations Before Starting The Machine

Make sure that there is no fracture or crack in blow bar, impact plate and make sure the tightness of screws in scale board;


Check if there are raw materials in the machine, if there is, the operator should clean them out and make sure the no-load running;


Make sure the lubricating points are in good condition, the tightness of bolts, the gap between rotor and impact plate should be suitable;


Starting the impact crusher after the normal work of belt conveyor etc.


Rules In Operation

Before starting the impact crusher, the operator should first rotate the rotor by hand; make sure there is no collision between rotor and other parts;


After starting the machine, the operator should not feed the raw materials until the machine runs normal;


When there is sudden power cut, the operator should immediately turn off the switch and stop feeding the raw materials;


Pay attention to the working current. The temperature of motor should below 60℃ and the temperature of bearings should below 75℃;


Before stopping the crusher, the operator should stop the feeder first and wait until all the raw materials in the feeder fed into the crusher, then stop the motor;



When the machine is running, the operator mustn’t open the inspection door or adjust, clean the machine;


To avoid damaging the crusher, we should separate the iron or other foreign bodies out. Besides, the max feed size of materials should be under the allowed ranges;


When check or maintain the crusher, firstly cut off the power;


Over-load working is strictly forbidden;


Change the worn spare parts timely, especially for blow bar, impact plate, which directly contact raw materials.


Impact crusher crushes raw material by impacting energy. There are strong impact in the operation, which will produce dust. So, operators should pay attention to ventilation and dust collection to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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