At present, the application of non-metallic mineral powder has been continuously expanded in the coatings, metallurgy, chemical industry, packing, medicine and other fields, non-metallic mill machine as the major equipment for dry processing technology, with the non-metallic mineral industry develop towards large-scale, fine development, the technical level and production process is also following the footsteps of the times to expanded and innovated. Non-metallic mineral powder processing industrial scale and the degree of product refinement has become a measure of a country’s non-metallic mineral industry, an important indicator of the level of development, and energy efficient large-scale equipment and advanced production and processing technology is the realization of key to the development of industrial refinement.

Overall,China’s coatings industry is still facing the future development of environmentally-friendly paint, safety and environmental protection, technological innovation, capital and market issues like that.

(1) Carbon emissions of water-based paint, film quality, scale costs, construction tolerance and wastewater treatment of solvents;

(2) Powder coatings related to biphenyl A epoxy resin, TGIC curing agent, construction energy consumption;

(3) UV curing coatings related to high solvent content, active monomer varieties, cost, toxicity, wide range of construction;

(4) The establishment of high-solid coating standards, government awareness, low-viscosity resin development.

Therefore, in the course of development in the future, paint companies are facing relocation transformation, transformation and upgrading. To improve information, automation, intelligent transformation, enhance enterprise level through the relocation of the transformation of products and technology upgrades. During “Thirteen Five-Year Plan” period, China’s coatings industry should focus on the application of basic research. Guikuang has been aiming at the leading edge of milling machine technology and manufacturing technology in recent years. The advanced milling technology has been used to reinforce the product quality. Scientific and rational design, unique structural advantages gives Guikuang mill indispensable role in the power, coatings, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic mineral areas such as flex. What are the characteristics and advantages of Guikuang advanced coating and paint mill:

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