Due to the development of the main application industry of heavy calcium carbonate in recent years, the market requirements for heavy calcium carbonate have changed. For example: the ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate used in paper coatings has been changed from dry powder supply to high solid content slurry Supply-oriented, plastics, paper, coatings and other industries have increased requirements for particle size distribution of ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate; product whiteness requirements are high and quality is stable; heavy calcium carbonate users & scale expansion, heavy calcium carbonate Demand also increased.

The production of heavy calcium powder is mainly divided into three steps: crushing, grinding, and weathering of heavy calcium carbonate. The specific crushing process is: crushing by jaw crusher, impact crusher or hydraulic cone crusher, and then enter the Raymond mill. The powder machine is grinded, and the machine is separated and processed for powder selection and powder collection. The production process is also mainly divided into two kinds of dry production and wet production. The crushing steps are basically the same. The main difference is whether it is crushed in the form of suspension and then dehydrated and dried.

When the water contained in the material of the heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill is relatively large, the material is easy to adhere in the equipment, and it is easy to block during the conveying process of the material, causing the capacity of the Raymond machine to decrease. Relative to the milled material moisture is small, then the heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill powder output efficiency is high. If the user’s requirements for the fineness of the material are not high, then the output capacity of the heavy calcium carbonate Raymond mill equipment will increase, and the output will be relatively high. If the fineness requirements are high, that is, the finer the material from the Raymond mill powder, the smaller the powder output capacity of the equipment. You can call us to make further consultation.

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