Fly ash mill system can be divided into two systems. First, the coal ash sorting system, qualified coal and large particles in coal will be separated; Second, the grinding system, to process large particles to get the granularity of qualified coal.

The main equipment of the fly ash system consists of three large tanks, a grinding mill and some conveying equipment. The transportation of coal ash is carried by the wind in the pipeline. The three tanks are the raw material tank, the coarse material tank (large particle) and the finished product tank. The three tanks are connected by pipelines, and a transmission fan is used to supply power for the coal ash in the pipeline.

Fly ash separation system is relatively simple process, the coal powder transported to the site by tankers, tankers pump coal ash into the raw material tank through their own pressure, the bottom of the raw material tank is a star unloader, the inverter control feeding of raw materials. Coal can be transported to the top of the coarse material tank through the pipeline. Qualified coal ash will be sent to the finished product tank after classifying. The unqualified coal ash is stored in the coarse material tank.

Analysis of common problems in fly ash system

The storage time of raw coal should not be too long and the moisture of the coal ash should be avoided. If the damp or the backlog is too long, it will cause the raw material jar to be unpredictable. Ensure that the raw material to be transported away in time. If the raw material in the bottom of the tank causes congestion, only to open up for manual cleaning through the bottom of the pipe connected with flange, it is a waste of manpower and will cause dust pollution. Those tell the importance of wind pressure, the transmission fan is driven by motor through the belt drive, belt inspection and replacement on a regular basis is very important to ensure that the delivery pressure is normal; In addition, the sealing of the entire pipeline needs to be good, if there is leakage point, which will cause the flow of coal ash in the pipeline in poor situation, also will cause coal ash pollution, pipeline inspection and maintenance in operation must be done.

Maintenance is essential in the daily operation of the mill operation; grinding mill is high-speed rotation equipment. If the feed is uneven or lack of material, grinding mill shell will collide with the shell, resulting in shell damage or leakage point, the leakage point will cause a lot of coal ash pollution and large vibration, so the mill bolts will loose then cause damage if it is not been found in time. Running sound of grinding mill should be concerned, to stop the machine in time to avoid accidents when the sound is abnormal.

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