Clay with good plasticity refers to mainly clay, kaolin, alumina and other components, because of its good resistance to freeze-thaw properties, anti-light pollution performance, air permeability, resistance to weathering corrosion resistance, is the finest raw materials for making pottery, wall and floor tiles.

In the industrial field, clay mill has very obvious role in clay production line; clay powder application is also very broad.
1.Can be used as rubber, shoe materials, epoxy floor paint filling powder, thereby helping to reduce costs;
2.2. can be applied to replace some of the expensive titanium dioxide in the paper, paint, and other fields;
3. 3. Application of rubber and special cables reinforcing agents, industrial plastic functional fillers, such as inks, foods, medicines, cosmetics and other fillers;
4. 4. Can also be applied in high brightness and advanced porcelain, special ceramic materials.

Raymond mill is basically a professional clay processing equipment on the market, not only can grind clay into particle size required by customers, but also finished powder form uniform, stable quality, therefore, become a hot mill on the market equipment. Guikuang Raymond mill enjoys a very high reputation in this industry, the technical indicators has greatly improved through technical updates and adjusting the structure of powder milling technology, is a energy efficient new mill products.

GKLM vertical pendulum mill’s entire structure consist of main frame, force turbine classifier, plumbing fixtures, high pressure blower, finished cyclone, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and jaw crusher, bucket elevator and other components . The reason why it is favored by the users and respected is inseparable with their special production process.

As a replacement of the original Raymond mill equipment, this new pendulum mill can stand alone as a complete production system from raw material crushing, conveying, milling, and then finished the collection, storage, packaging, systemic is very strong and warmly trusted by customers.

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