Since 2015, the air pollution has been a headache in northern China. Coal combustion deepens the environment pollution and damage of ecosystems because of a great deal of emission of dust, SO2 and nitric oxides. For coal combustion, both the thermal power plant and industrial coal-fired boiler are the two main application fields.

So, in 2015, China National Energy Bureau launched the Action Plan of Efficient& Clean Use of Coal (2015-2020) and required every province to boost the transformation and upgrading of industrial coal-fired boilers. Meanwhile, release and revise of some other related policies stipulated the responsibility of government on environment protection and punishments once there is some company trying to discharge pollutants at random.

Efficient industrial coal powder boiler is the new energy saving technology which supported strongly by China. Based on the absorption of advanced foreign technologies, the efficient coal powder boiler has been developed by China Coal Research Institute. The new boiler can save coal by 30% and reduce dust emission by 95%. The emission of SO2 is one ninth of the national standard. The coal ash formed can be cycled as building material so that the problems of waste gas and residues can be avoided.

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