Stone Crushing Equipment Said Crushing Equipment, Mainly Referring To The Crusher, Sand Making Machine And Other Minerals Crushing Equipment, Mainly Used In Construction Sand And Gravel Requires A Lot Of Areas Of High-Speed Railways, Highways, Urban Transformation, Water Conservancy Construction. According To The Current Market Situation Gravel Equipment, Mainly Gravel Device Types Can Be Divided Into: Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Cone Crusher, Hammer Crusher, Roller Crusher, Sand Making Machine, Etc.; Auxiliary Equipment Includes: Vibrating Feeder, Conveyor, Vibrating Screen And Sand Washing Machines.

Developed From A Simple Gravel Equipment Through To Semi-Automatic And Even Fully Automated Production Lines, Through Years Of Practice And Development, Equipment Already Has Excellent Quality, First-Class Level Of Development Technology.

Different Types Of Crusher Working Principle Is Completely Different To The Ring Hammer Crusher As An Example: Hammer Crusher Is Mainly Accomplished By Impact Energy To Crusher Material. When The Hammer Crusher, Motor Drives The Rotor For High-Speed Rotation, Uniform Materials Into The Crusher Chamber, The Impact Of High-Speed Rotary Hammer, Cut The Material Tear Caused Material To Be Broken, While The Material’s Own Gravity From The Material High-Speed Rotation Of The Hammer Toward The Frame Body Baffles, Sieve Bar In The Lower Rotor, With Sieve, Sieve Size Smaller Than The Crushed Material Is Discharged Through The Sieve Grain Size Larger Than The Mesh Size Of The Material Retained On The Sieve Continue To Hit The Hammer And Grinding.

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