How does coal gangue grinding mill produce kaolin? We provide a complete set of equipment for calcining kaolin from coal gangue. Our team learned some knowledge about the production of kaolin by coal gangue vertical mill according to the manufacturers who used our equipment.

Requirements of coal gangue for kaolin production by vertical mill of coal gangue powder mill

First, we need to analyze the raw materials. Coal gangue calcined kaolin is not suitable for calcining all coal gangues to produce kaolin. When we obtain the development resources of coal gangue, we need to ask a professional analysis organization or company to analyze the raw materials, and then get the test report to know the classification of coal gangue, and select the appropriate equipment according to the composition of coal gangue.

In short, it is to first look at the aluminum silicon ratio in the elements of coal gangue. Al Si ratio > 0.5, indicating that Al2O3 has high composition, so it is suitable for calcination to obtain kaolin.

Let’s look at the process and requirements. The content of kaolin in coal gangue calcined kaolin is required to be more than 97%, so it is necessary to remove impurities and achieve an iron content of no more than 0.5% to produce ultra white kaolin. The whiteness of the obtained kaolin is enough to be used in the fields of plastics, medicine, ceramics, refractories, papermaking, coatings and so on. Coal gangue calcined kaolin process is to crush coal gangue 200-325 mesh → molding → calcination → crushing → grinding to 325 mesh or finer finished products. The GKLM coal gangue vertical mill of Guikuang carries out iron removal process before grinding the coal gangue to effectively remove the iron component, and then the carbon component is removed by the calciner. Centrifugal separation, ultra white calcination and other corresponding processes can be carried out to remove boehmite, iron and titanium mineral impurities in coal gangue to obtain ultra white kaolin.

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