Currently, there are two lime production process: one is by vertical kiln, another is rotary kiln . Out of the calcined lime, depending on the needs classification treatment. At present, because the lime injection BOF slag in the production and development with lime pretreatment machine outside the molten steel refining technology, application range and quantity of lime powder in steel production is expanding. Way to add lime powder injection does not allow large particles or other foreign matter, or easily clogged throat spray system, and therefore should be closed lime powder container storage. After milling lime after processing, to a certain extent to improve its chemical activity. After calcination of lime after the crushing, grinding processing, the chemical activity due to increased surface area increased, but also serves to ground components in addition a uniform effect. Lime is usually used for grinding and processing equipment tube mill and Raymond. Mainly for the vertical tube mill grinding lime kiln, while Raymond Mill is suitable for the manufacture of lime light burning powder. Specializing in the production of rotary kiln in GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.Equipment: The main products are: lime kiln, rotary kiln, ceramic sand | sand rotary kiln, rotary kiln calcium aluminate powder, laterite nickel ore rotary kiln, rotary kiln magnesium, zinc oxide rotary kiln, rotary kiln bauxite, petroleum proppant rotary kiln, rotary kiln, disc granulator, wind swept coal mill, ball mill, preheater, burners, coolers, etc. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company to negotiate!

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