Ball mill is the key equipment for grinding materials that being crushed. With the development of industry, the demand for ball mill in the market is increasing gradually, ball mill has been widely favored by mining users.

However, ball mill has some disadvantage, that is, it will produce great noise in the process of ball mill operation. It will not only affect ball mill’s effective use life, but also pose a certain threat to the operators. Therefore, how to make the ball mill operate quietly has become an urgent problem for ball mill manufacturers.

There are two ways to reduce noise: one is to control the transmission of sound; the other is to start with the source of noise. Next, ball mill engineers will do a brief introduction on these two ways.

1. Appropriate increase in soundproof cover

The structural skeleton of steel can be used with thin steel plate as shell, and then apply damping layer, ultra-fine glass cotton or other sound absorbent materials inside. So as to keep the whole ball mill in the closed state and reduce the spread of sound.

2. Replace the manganese steel liner with a rubber liner

The rubber has a certain elasticity instead of manganese steel liner, which can reduce noise very well. The operating noise level of ball mill can be reduced by 10dB (A), and the spectrum characteristics change from the original high frequency to the low frequency.

3. Set the elastic layer on the ball mill device

The inner surface of the ball mill drum is covered with a heat resistant soft rubber pad between the lining plate and the inner surface. In order to ensure that the temperature is not too high, the industrial felt with 9-16mm thickness can be spread between the lining plate and the soft rubber pad. In this way, the noise produced by ball mill can be reduced below the standard.

4. Set sound insulation room

If the conditions permits, users can set up the sound insulation room. You can place the ball mill centrally in the ball mill room, then the ball mill room will be changed into a sound insulation room, so that the ball mill noise in the operation can be better reduced. However, due to the high temperature produced by the ball mill, in order to ensure the normal and safe operation, it is necessary to monitor the ball mill operation in real time.

The noise in the equipment operation is reduced, which can create a better working environment for the user. Meanwhile, the ball mill production will be more continuous and efficient, which will bring the great profit to the users’ production. If you have more questions about ball mill production or want to buy the high-efficiency ball mill, welcome inquiry us freely.

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