General introduction
As a result of today’s requirements for maximizing grinding throughput, ball mill with higher power demand has been developed and installed. Grinding mill has been used in minerals industry for years. Ball mill is used for grinding various dry and wet materials such as cement, stone, cement materials, limestone and ceramic materials and so on. Then it becomes vital to know ball mill operation manual.

Ball mill operation manual
Before ball mill operation, you should verify that the lube oil pressures are within operating parameters, check that the high pressure gangue on the bearings is within operating. And check for any leaks on the air system for the clutch. Besides, you should make sure that the gauges on the air system are within operating parameters and the platform is clear.

Equipment, hoses, tools etc. left on the platform become serious tripping hazards. Make sure that the platforms are free of obstructions. Check for leaking liner bolts. Liner bolts will become loose with operation and can create bolt hole elongation resulting in needless and expensive repairs. Notify the supervisor to make a determination as to what action to take and when. In the ball mill operation manual, you should check for leaks by the screen access doors and liquor spillage around the screen. Leaks indicate that there is a problem that needs to be investigated.

Tighten any bolts that appear to be loose. Turn the lever on the high pressure pump to be used to the on position, parallel to the pipe and the level on the pump not being used to the off position, perpendicular to the pump. The support graphic at the top of the page shows the north pump selected. To select the south pump, reverse the positions of the levers. Turn the lever on the low pressure oil filters to select the oil filter to be run. It doesn’t matter which oil filter is selected as they will run with either pump.

If one filter requires replacing or maintenance, select the opposite filter. Check that the filter on the air cooling system is free of material buildup and other debris. The fan should be checked from the inside of the lube room and the filtering screen from the outside of the room. If the filter needs to be cleaned, contact the Supervisor. Clean the lube room. The lube system skid and surrounding area should be kept clean. This is a potential fire hazard.

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