Petroleum coke mill powder is been used in the glass industry, fineness requirements of 200mesh D90. Guikuang provides energy efficient petroleum coke mill-GK series pendulum mill, machine power 85-362kw, finished particle size 22-180μm, output 1-25t/h.

China’s petroleum coke is mainly used in electrolytic aluminum industry, accounting for more than 65% of the total, followed by carbon, industrial silicon and other smelting industries, the use of petroleum coke as the fuel is mainly in cement, power generation, glass, etc. industry, the proportion is much less. At present, the supply and demand situation of petroleum coke in China is basically the same, but due to the export of low-sulfur high-end petroleum coke, the supply of domestic petroleum coke is insufficient, and still need to be supplemented by imported high-sulfur petroleum coke. With the construction of a large number of coking plants in recent years, the domestic petroleum coke production will be further expanded.

Glass industry is a high energy consumption industry, the cost of glass in the cost of fuel account for about 35% to 50%, glass melting furnace kiln is the most energy-consuming equipment.

Once the glass melting furnace started, you cannot turn off the fire until the furnace overhaul (3-5 years), it requires continuous fuel adding to ensure the over thousands of kiln furnace temperature, the general milling workshop will have a spare mill to ensure continued produce.

Petroleum coke powder used in the glass industry, fineness requirements of 200mesh D90. The original coke water content is generally 8% -15%, drying treatment is needed before sent into the mill.

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