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If you need to grind about 100 mesh diatomite powder, which manufacturer sells special 100 mesh diatomite grinding mill equipment? Guikuang(GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a professional grinding mill machine equipment provider. The new environmental protection Raymond mill equipment has further broken through the bottleneck of low production capacity and high energy consumption. It […]

Diatomite is a siliceous sedimentary rock, yellow or gray, soft, porous and light. It is commonly used as insulation material, filter material, abrasive material, sodium silicate raw material, bleaching agent, diatomite filter aid, catalyst support and other materials in industrial after grinding. For diatomite superfine grinding process, the common Raymond mill can not reach the […]

Diatomaceous earth is a kind of biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock with the characteristics of fine, loose, light weight, porous, water absorption and strong permeability. Diatomite has long been known and used by people. With the development of deep processing technology of non-metallic minerals in my country in recent years, diatomite is used as a filter […]

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