Glass is a highly consuming product in people’s daily life, but the utilization rate of waste glass is very low. The non-degradable nature of glass also makes waste glass a major household waste, harming the environment and wasting resources.
Uses of waste glass

To reuse waste glass, we need to understand the purpose of waste glass. At present, glass waste mainly includes the following:
1. Production of perforated glass blocks;
2. Production of solid glass beads;
3. Production of a high-speed road half-glass sphere luminous body;
4. Production of colored glass marbles for entertainment and decoration;
5. Production of foam glass products;
6. As a road pavement glass asphalt, it is non-slip and wear-resistant;
7. As an additive for external wall materials;
8. Glass wool products;
9. Manufacture of flat glass or float glass;
10. Production of decorative glass ceramic panels, decorative materials in granite glass and glass mosaics;
11. Production of paneled and printed glass;
12. Production of glass articles;
13. As additives for plastics, rubber and pigments;
14. Production of glass insulators for high voltage lines;
15. Glass sand can be used in house tiles and water purification coatings, etc.

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