New ultrafine roller mill is the mainstream equipment of grinding heavy calcium fine powder project. Due to high capacity and more energy-saving, it is favored by the industry. So, how does the superfine grinding machine of heavy calcium grind?





【What is ultrafine roller mill?】


The production of this energy-saving ultra-fine ring roller mill equipment has the advantages of crushing performance such as rolling, grinding and impact. It mainly grinds talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite and so on. Its fineness can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh, easy to operate, wide use, stable performance, high cost performance, small area, is a new choice for fine powder processing.


【Process of ultrafine mill】


The principle of ring roller mill mainly includes: crushing, grinding, grading and gathering. Through these stages, the required fineness product can be ground.




1、Crushing – crusher crushing raw ore into less than 10 mm material.




2、Grinding – the material is continuously rolled and crushed in the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring.




3、Classification – the ground powder enters the classifier for screening.




4、Collecting powder – collecting powder with required fineness to produce finished products.

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