Feldspar is variety in type, current included potassium feldspar, albite, anorthite, barium feldspar, sanidine, orthoclase, plagioclase, labradorite, etc., with the market promotion, feldspar used in various industries is more and more widely. Among them, the application of feldspar is very significant, as an aluminum silicate mineral, feldspar powder is widely used in agriculture, ceramics, glass, chemicals, and other fields.

Feldspar Mohs hardness is 6, low melting point, powder is brittle after grinding, has a high compressive strength, and chemical properties of stable, gradually cause huge influence in people’s productive activities. Feldspar mill is a prominent role in production line. With the rapid development of market economy, various sectors of potassium feldspar powder increasingly, only to meet the industry fineness and whiteness of products, increase the pace of large-scale production, can take the initiative in the market competition. Among these there is a far-reaching critical factor in choosing grinding mill.

First, selection milling machine manufacturers

Qualified manufacturers has a complete set of industry standards in development, production, installation and commissioning phase, especially in sale and installation, in terms of after-sales service, to keep abreast of customer needs, focusing on the customer’s production needs, for enterprises to solve the problem after-sales follow-up.

Guikuang in mill production industry fought for decades, well aware of the development trend of this line, has a very rich experience in production and milling technology, relying on the excellent quality and service, Guikuang mill in full the world’s non-metallic minerals production line and created a remarkable performance for our customers bring in huge value in return, by the industry’s favorite.

Second, check the prices

Different manufacturers’ mill price is not the same, different specifications of the mill prices are not the same; the price is a key factor for consumers who are most concerned in the sale of goods. Guikuang has a high professional quality program selection team, based on customer characteristics evaluation of grinding material, fineness, yield, and other aspects of the site, customized selection of programs and offer to first-class service quality to provide complete solutions.

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