Coal mine energy utilization rate is high, because the coal industry smelting slag is also a lot every year. In order to avoid these slag damage to the environment and increase the recycling utilization rate, slag grinding mill is a more thorough and effective way of utilization.



What is slag powder


Slag powder is a kind of melt which floats on the surface of liquid material such as metal during pyrometallurgical process. Its composition is mainly composed of oxides (silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide), and also contains sulfide and a small amount of metal.




What is the use of slag powder?


According to the different slag grinding chemical composition and mineral composition are different, its chemical composition is mainly composed of silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium compounds. And it contains a small amount of magnesium, titanium, potassium, copper, phosphorus and trace cyanide. Their main forms are acid salt, aluminosilicate, oxide and sulfate. It can be used as building materials, often used in the production of coal slag or slag concrete large sample, also can be used for road construction or building thermal insulation and sound insulation materials.

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