What deep processing equipment can be used to grind dolomite, marble, calcium carbonate, heavy calcium, limestone and other fine ore powder?



1、Technical parameters:


Product fineness:325-2500 mesh




Capacity per hour:1-22t/h




Grindable materials: talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, etc.




2、Advantages & characteristics:


The ultra-fine mill manufactured is a kind of fine grinding mill with many advantages, such as rolling, grinding, impact and so on. It is a new technology of energy saving and consumption reduction, economic and practical, cost-effective, more stable performance, excellent environmental protection.




1)Green environmental protection


Full pulse dust collection, dust collection rate of 99%. It meets the production requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, no dust operation.




2)Small wear


The main machine base integral casting, grinding wheel grinding ring good material, long life, good earthquake resistance.




3)Fine grading


Fine classification, with forced turbine classification system, fine particle size, more fine.

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